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TV & Film

With decades of experience dancing and performing on TV and in films all over the world, we’re exactly what you need if you’re looking for creative advertising or music video choreography that stands out!

No matter what kind of project you have in mind, our talented team of dancers, singers, actors and specialist performers can create routines and performances to suit any genre, brand or product.

We’ve performed stunning commercial choreography for all types of clients including airlines, big-brand car manufacturers and exciting music artists.

Our fully customised service involves working with creative teams to perform one of our signature pieces – such as the UV shows we’re famous for – or develop an entirely bespoke piece to complement the themes of adverts and music videos, or to highlight your brand values and product features.

We’ve got a whole treasure trove of exciting artists for you to chose from, including circus performers, living art, danger acts and more.

As well as delivering a stellar performance, we can make your life easier by managing the entire casting process and completely overseeing all the choreography and movement direction. We’re also the only entertainment agency with an entire team of talented costume designers, make-up and body artists, and prop makers who can manage wardrobe and set design to create unique, custom looks that will get everybody talking!

In the past we’ve worked with Honda to create a quirky advert featuring precision walkers stepping in time to General Levy to highlight the superiority of the brand-new model’s features.

We helped Tui create a dreamy, all-dancing advert set to a Chaka Khan classic, celebrating the excitement of exploring a new holiday destination.

We were also on the team that delivered the first live, interactive music video for synth trio Years and Years, creating a selection of body-art-inspired looks, which Twitter fans could then vote for to appear in the video for the trio’s single ‘Shine’.

If you’re looking to hire a choreographer with fresh ideas for commercial choreography or music-video choreography that delivers real impact, look no further than Beyond Repair Entertainment to take your next TV or film project over the top!

You all did a great job.

You all did a great job.

Thank you for this Jane and please thank Daniel and all the dancers for their help with the internal film for Tui. You all did a great job.

Quiche Campbell
your attitude towards the shoot could not have been better.

your attitude towards the shoot could not have been better.

Thanks so much for everything you did for us last week. Three of our dancers came as a result of your postings and I really appreciate how you managed to do that while on another job in another country. Then your attitude towards the shoot could not have been better. You totally understood what we were aiming to do and delivered a really great job. The rushes look amazing. So thank you so very, very much.

D Faraway Productions (City of Dreams Casino - U.V Film)

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