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Want to blur the lines between show and experience? All the options available at Beyond Repair Entertainment work perfectly for immersive events of any kind. Whether you want to impress clients at your next corporate soirée or take a special private party over the top, taking the entertainment off stage is a sure-fire way to electrify the crowd!

Unforgettable events rely on building engagement with the audience because genuine connection creates lasting memories – and what’s more memorable than a show you’re part of? Making your event interactive as well as entertaining is a winning combination.

Partygoers always love taking part in our immersive performances.

Our musical, dance and UV offerings can be performed in the centre of the crowd and our dazzling disco, retro Rubik’s cube or fab football funheads are great for the ‘gram. You can choose some living art for a striking conversation starter or serve refreshments from one of our strolling and signing human tables. Roaming brusherettes can douse the crowd in glitter, feather, sequins and body paint to get them in the party mood and our acrobats, illusionists and other specialist performers will blow any audience away.

Immersive Artists & Performers

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Immersive-experience events create a level of audience intimacy your guests will treasure. They can be particularly great if you want to hype up a small amount of people or you need to create atmosphere in a cosier venue. The immersive performers you choose can arrive in a costume of your choice and also dress your venue to match any theme you have in mind – the wackier the better!

If you need some inspiration, we have a whole library of costumes, props and talented face and body artists at our disposal, so we can create a totally bespoke theme for your immersive events.

We have a whole range of options for popular seasonal events throughout the year such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Christmas and have some signature themes like Day of the Dead and Vintage Circus too. The possibilities really are endless!

Whatever theme, costume and performers you choose, you can rest assured our immersive performances will combine to create the perfect walkabout entertainment to entertain and impress your guests!

skill, talent, charm and exquisite attire

skill, talent, charm and exquisite attire

"Beyond Repair were an extraordinary company to work with. We had the privilege of booking them to perform on the main stage as well as provide walkabout performances across the venue. Their skill, talent, charm and exquisite attire ensured that they remain our favourite dance troupe to work with!"

Jared Philippo - Gypsy Disco Neon Jungle Event

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Immersive-experience events create audience intimacy your guests will treasure. Drop us a line to find out how.