Music Video Choreography for Years and Years

Years and Years Music Video Choreography


Years and Years were working with Supple Nam and Fred Rowson to create a brand new interactive music video. They needed a contemporary dance input, so called on our Company Director, Jane Coulston, for her expertise in music video choreography. The project only had one day to film and the interactive elements meant it needed two casts. The music video would allow viewers to choose which version of the video they wanted to watch in real time via Twitter, using #chooselight #chooseshadow. Choreography needed to be created for each hashtag that complimented the set and the song. 


There was no time for pre-rehearsal on this project, all creative elements would be done on the day with an early start. Music video choreography can sometimes be done this way if it is not a full out dance routine. This was going to be more improvised and stylised movement. We were given images of the space, an overview of shots to be filmed and the casting was done by a modelling agency. Our job was to make it come together seamlessly on shoot day.

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The shoot day was spent between the light and dark sets working with the choreography. In the dark room we got to work on a chess board type theme, having the models/dancers move around the band in a staccato/robotic way. In the light room everything was flowing like linen in the breeze, giving the feel of freedom and light. This type of music video choreography is all about seeing opportunities with the Director and making movement choices in the moment. It all went very smoothly and there was a lot of footage to choose from for the interactive release on Channel 4.

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