Presenters & Hosts

Presenters and Hosts

A good event host helps create the right atmosphere to keep an audience engaged and can elevate a good event into something truly great. At Beyond Repair Entertainment, all our versatile performers can double-up as presenters and hosts, and bring a little flavour and flair to traditional compère duties.

Hosting an event successfully calls for exceptional confidence and the kind of sparkling personality that is rare in those who haven’t been professionally trained – which is why performers make ideal presenters and hosts! Alongside their exceptional talent and enviable skills, our team of actors, singers, dancers and specialist performers have the poise and resilience to think on their feet and stay calm and in character, no matter what happens.

No circus is complete without a ringmaster, so if you want your event to feel polished and sophisticated, we recommend you hire a presenter to welcome and entertain your guests throughout your event. Our experienced actors make perfect presenters and can host as themselves, or in a themed, costumed character of your choice. They’ll guide your guests through the event, making sure they experience all the entertainment you have to offer and keep the whole soiree running smoothly.

If your event calls for something extraordinary, you can choose an eye-catching host or hostess. Dressed in stunning, bespoke costumes and make-up, they really set the scene for your event and add a stylish layer of excitement as they meet and greet your guests. You can make your event more interactive and have our hosts and hostesses serve drinks and canapés, chat to your guests or simply provide a beautiful photo opportunity for your audience to enjoy.

They’ll get the crowd onto the dance floor, keep the atmosphere high and see them off safely with goodie bags as the event winds down.

The possibilities really are endless and our extensive costume library and varied roster of performers means you have an incredible pool of talent to choose from. From sassy steampunk to stunning living art, vintage circus to West End performers, let us help you choose a bubbly presenter or event host to make your next event unforgettable.

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If your event calls for something extraordinary, choose an eye-catching host or hostess. Drop us a line to find out more.