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Anticipating how music festival acts will elevate their usual performances into something special is a big part of what makes festivals magical. We make sure every member of the audience gets an experience they’ll never forget.

Our dancers and specialist performers turn every show into something spectacular, with stunning routines that complement and enhance the music. We’re experienced festival performers and have a whole host of festival entertainment ideas that will ensure the whole crowd is having a great time.


After a decade of performing at Glastonbury and other incredible festivals all over the world, we’ve developed a knack for coming up with fresh, inventive ideas to excite any audience and keep them talking about what they witnessed for years to come. You can choose costumed dancers to match the action on stage, pick performers wearing customisable elaborate headwear or opt for jugglers, acrobats, aerialists or any one of our talented circus-themed performers.

The UV-bodypaint shows we’re famous for keep the crowd pumped during a banging DJ set and the vibrant colours and mesmerising movements are the perfect warm-up for high-energy artists like Simian Mobile Disco, who we opened for at Glastonbury in 2019.

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If you’re looking for something more chilled out, our striking living-art performers can create the perfect backdrop, adding a touch of drama and visual delight to performances. We also have interactive walkabout performers who can mingle with the crowd and artists who can transform the crowd with eco-friendly glitter, henna or UV facepaint so they feel more connected to the festival experience.


If you’ve already got a theme in mind, we can bring it to life using our wide variety of artists and performers, as well as our extensive library of handmade costumes and props. We’re used to working closely with festival organisers, artists and production companies to create truly one-of-a-kind experiences that audiences will treasure for a lifetime.

No matter what kind of festival you have planned, we’ve got entertainment for festivals covered. Our creative imaginations, experienced festival know-how and commitment to delivering unique memorable performances means your festival is the one everyone will be talking about.

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We can make sure every member of the audience gets an experience they’ll never forget. To find out how, drop us a line.