Living Art

Living Art

Anything is possible when you book entertainment with Beyond Repair Entertainment, including bringing your event décor to life with some stunning living art performers!

Our body-paint artists can create a fascinating and unconventional focal point for your event by transforming costumed performers head to toe in a design of your choice. Each performer can be a silent, living-art installation your guests can marvel at, a stunning embodiment of your style that interacts with the crowd or a camouflaged element of your decorative vision that comes alive to surprise the audience!

Perfect for any type of event, our living-art performers’ make-up and costumes can be matched to your event’s colour scheme, venue and theme or even adorned with promotional marketing material. Our body-paint artists can incorporate theme-appropriate props and accessories and add feathers, jewels, biodegradable glitter and more to accentuate the intricate designs you choose.

Living art is particularly effective for smaller, more intimate events, as it delivers maximum impact without the need for performance space and is guaranteed to instantly impress everyone who sees it.

Dressed in silks, sequins or any costume you wish, our static living-art performers are mysterious and elegant, and create a visual display that will get guests talking. They can also interact with the crowd in a variety of different ways. The living art performers can gracefully welcome your guests to the event and can hand out promotional material and goody bags when the event comes to a close. Great as stand-alone performers, living art also easily complements any other entertainment you choose for your event, adding extra beauty, refinement and sophistication.

Our living art performers can host your soirée and guide the audience throughout the evening. Their eye-catching attire also makes for unique photo opportunities that will ensure your event gets noticed, both on and offline. They can even take part in their own performance – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Let our award-winning body-paint artists create something spectacular, with some striking, beautiful living art that will ensure your next event will be exceptional.

suitably impressed with the living art

suitably impressed with the living art

A HUGE thank you to you all for your assistance with our client’s event last night. They were suitably impressed with the living art – the costumes were great and the Ribbon dancers were a great addition to the Royal Entrance.

Jennifer Swanston Director - Planned2Perfection
tailor made especially for us

tailor made especially for us

“It was a pleasure to work with Jane and her team at Beyond Repair. They were professional and accommodating both before and during the event and produced living art that was tailor made especially for us. I hope we can work together again very soon.”

Colin Richman - Planned2Perfection

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Our living-art performers’ make-up and costumes can be matched to your event’s colour scheme, venue and theme. Drop us a line to find out how.

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