Choreography for Tui Campaign by Beyond Repair

Choreography for Tui Campaign


With the help of VMLY&R, Tui were rebranding and looking to hire a choreographer to tell their unique story to the entire organisation. The board felt it was really important to get the shareholders, staff and all associated hotels and airlines to understand the story behind the TV advertising campaign. The aim was to show the behind the scenes elements and cleverly compare the choreography of a dance to the development of a relaunch. Our process included setting the stage, warming up, getting noticed, the previews and opening night! We wanted to move beyond the glossy final product and show the heart and ethos of the company. This dance film was to be distributed across the global organisation and to tell the story of Tui and launch the brand new uniform. This was  filmed in a TV studio with a two week prep period and a budget of £10k plus.


Our client knew exactly what they wanted, a cast that represented the staff of Tui and the story of the brand – strong casting was essential for this. Our pool of exceptional artists made this easy, from the West End to the Opera House, we have the very best diverse talent. Once in the rehearsal space we had three days to create what was needed. We started by looking at the feel of the original campaign and drawing from it creatively. We needed to exert the same sense of fun to the internal campaign. We also needed to show the process and the work behind making things come together. We did this with the choreography by showing everything from the ironing of the uniforms, the dancers learning steps, the directions and pathways, and the bloopers too – when things don’t go to plan it is all integral to the final product. Just like the story of Tui and how they got to where they are today told through an original piece of choreography for film.

Shoot Day 

The filming day was all about capturing all of the above on camera. Each shot had been totally planned out and we always send video drafts of the work in progress whilst in the studio so we can liaise with director and client pre-shoot. When clients hire a choreographer it is about much more than creating steps, it’s about bringing the vision to life in movement and collaborating on the shoot. After a full day of filming we were all very pleased with the project, the story was clear, the uniform was front and centre and the film itself had the sense of excitement and joy needed to get the company behind the rebrand and feel invested in.

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