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Production company, D Faraway were working for City of Dreams Casino Macau to transform their Sky Bar space. They wanted to immerse the entire space in film! With a sharp, futuristic feel to the space, after much discussion it was decided that U.V was the way to go and a fully immersive film installation was to be permanently projected on the walls of the space. What better way to grab the attention of the clientele than using movement? This is where we came in. We were commissioned as film choreographers to create an eye catching U.V dance film, casting some jaw dropping dancers and making magic. The project’s budget was £10k, and we had 1 week to fulfil the project.


This was the start of our U.V journey, using paint, fibre optic whips and CGI to create a moving work of art. It all started in the studio with no props, paint, or U.V, just a small space mapped out with tape to develop the opening scene, where dancers look like they are escaping from a CGI box. We worked through a storyboard of scenes developed with the Director and brought these pre-rehearsed sections to the shoot at Denmark Studios. The rehearsal stage of a project like this is integral to the success of the shoot, and we always aim to leave the studio with the performers and creative team knowing the plan clearly. This allows the film choreographer and the Director to stay aligned with the cast on shoot day and make the very best final product for the client.

Shoot Day 

The shoot day was fun, dynamic and experimental – nobody had worked with Black Light on film before so we tried things out and developed what worked. This project was the start of the U.V love affair for us, a relationship that has grown beyond our expectations. We are now the leading U.V entertainment providers in the U.K.

You totally understood what we were aiming to do and delivered a really great job.

You totally understood what we were aiming to do and delivered a really great job.

"Thanks so much for everything you did for us last week. Three of our dancers came as a result of your casting and I really appreciate how you managed to do that while on another job in another country. Then your attitude towards the shoot could not have been better. You totally understood what we were aiming to do and delivered a really great job. The rushes look amazing. So thank you so very, very much."

Ranu Bhullar D Faraway Productions (City of Dreams Casino U.V)

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