Redefining Return On Investment

Redefining Return On Investment

Why it pays to invest in team culture


To most people, being in business is ultimately about making a profit which means margins, growth and performance are the subjects that dominate conversations at work. However, all of these things are for the most part generated by and for people, and we firmly believe people exist to do more than just be productive.

Humans are complex and in our experience, teams benefit greatly when they have downtime, creative stimulation and opportunities to express themselves at work – and we absolutely love helping them do that! In fact we’d go as far as to say cultivating a culture of joy at work is vital for any sustainable business. Yes, considering employee wellbeing does come at a cost but the return on investment is wholly net positive. So, to help you get budget approval from the finance team, we’ve broken down the real ROI of a corporate event.

Improved Staff Retention

One of the biggest costs in business is staff turnover. The time effort and money it takes to recruit and train new members of the team means you hope they’ll stick around for a while, but the offer of a steady paycheck is no longer enough to keep talented staff. Your teams deserve to work in an environment where they can thrive and feel comfortable showing up as themselves at all times. They should feel valued and respected, and believe they are part of an organisation that puts them first. Offering enrichment opportunites such as one of our creation stations, or just inserting some fun into the workday with a small, seasonal celebration is a great way to show them you care and keep them happy. Research has shown that happy employees stay at organisations longer, so prioritising team culture and wellbeing positively impacts your bottom line.

Better Problem Solving

Whether you work in a creative industry or not, your teams need inspiration to keep generating innovative ideas that improve how you work. When their job roles don’t naturally include a creative outlet, work can start feeling stale, and sparks of ingenuity can be snuffed out by routine, monotony and rigid rules. However, when teams get the chance to release their inhibitions and interact with something new and unexpected, something magical happens. Their minds are expanded when they witness art, and the pleasure of experiencing entertainment just for the sake of it unlocks the more free-flowing parts of their brains that are open to possibilities. This challenges conventional thinking and can result in new perspectives on how to get things done. Throwing a fun corporate event reawakens a sense of wonder that can often be missing from the workplace, and serves as a reminder to always leave space for passion, creativity and exploration.

The Ripple Effect of Connection

Finally, a strategic departure from the work routine is crucial to prevent burnout and sustain high levels of productivity within your organisation. People need to feel connected to something outside of their work in order to perform at their best, especially when working under intense pressure. During the pandemic, we saw just how important it is for us to feel a sense of connection, and we take great pride in helping our clients create transformative escapes for their employees. These corporate events provide an opportunity  to momentarily disconnect from their responsibilities and safely immerse themselves in activities that promote play, connection and personal growth.

And when your teams are hitting it out of the park, throwing a fabulous celebratory event is a fantastic way to keep them engaged, motivated and full of job satisfaction. We love designing events that reward people for their contributions and can even incorporate guests of honour into our performances as a surprise – either for them or the audience. Seeing people become part of the story is a truly special thing, and a moment they and their colleagues are unlikely to forget in a hurry. Ultimately, our curated corporate events are guaranteed to boost team morale, encourage better collaboration and make people think even more positively about the companies they work for.

We believe our strategic approach to corporate events – and wider understanding of ROI –  is the blueprint for leveraging the power of human connection and creativity to drive success in today’s fast-paced business world. For us, there are lots of ways to measure progress and success and numbers only tell half the story.

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