The Power of Storytelling

The Power of Storytelling

Creating Memorable Moments


We’ve seen a lot of stages in our time, and we always get the most amazing feedback from our clients who are blown away by the reaction their guests have to our performances. Now, while we’re a talented bunch, our individual skills are not the only reason guests are enthralled. We actually owe a significant part of our ability to captivate audiences to something sits at the heart of everything we do – storytelling.

Storytelling is the secret to our success, and we firmly believe it’s the foundation of all meaningful art. Every movement, note and stroke we deliver works together to form a narrative that reimagines a classic tale or shares an original story about how a company, brand or person came to be. Sometimes, it’s a mixture of both, with our performances seamlessly weaving together familiar fables with personalised elements that make the whole thing totally unique.

Either way, it’s the storytelling that really captures hearts and allows our performances to evoke deep emotions when audiences connect with the energy on stage. The universal traits and journeys our characters experience resonate deeply with audiences and that level of connection is what leaves a lasting impression.

Great storytelling also has the power to suspend belief and transport individuals to different places – whether that’s a faraway location, a trip down memory lane or somewhere completely new and unexpected. The way a compelling story draws an audience in temporarily takes them out of the present, away from the day-to-day to a space where their imaginations can run wild, and they have the freedom to just be.

It’s a heady feeling, and a joy people rarely get to experience because life gets in the way. So, how do you tell a good story? Here are some things we always consider when designing a performance.


Define Your Purpose

You should start by thinking about what message you want to convey and how you want your audience to feel. This decision will then guide your storytelling process, help you choose the right performance elements to include and keep the whole experience feeling coherent.


Show, Don’t Tell

We use props, costumes, lighting, and a wide variety of non-verbal storytelling techniques to enhance the way we convey emotions, plot points and character development in our performances. These elements can have just as much impact as speech and steps and are a great way to create a sensory audience experience.


Pace Your Story

We use all the weapons in our arsenal to create anticipation, craft climactic moments and allow for moments of reflection because we firmly believe you’ll never get a big finish without a good build up first.


Embrace Originality

While we respect tradition, we always strive to bring originality to our performances to keep the audience on their toes. Offering a unique perspective or unexpected twist keeps things feeling fresh and interesting and leaves guests wanting more.

In a world where the imagination often takes a back seat as we grow older, our ultimate goal is to spread joy and elicit genuine feeling with every performance. The power of storytelling also has a deep impact on the storytellers too. Seeing audiences embrace the stories we tell through our art is incredible. It’s a genuinely affirming experience and knowing that you’re inspiring people to reconnect with their innate sense of childlike wonder really is a rewarding feeling like no other.

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