A New Reason To Look Forward To Five O’clock

A New Reason To Look Forward To Five O’clock

Creation Stations


When we first got back to work post-pandemic, it’s fair to say nearly everything had changed. We of course were eager to start performing again, but in addition to the bespoke entertainment people came back to us for time and time again, we noticed our clients were also looking for help inspiring and motivating their teams too.

We’re no strangers to corporate environments, but this time instead of wowing from the stage, our clients were asking us to run workshops teaching their teams some new creative skills. These in-office events weren’t just an attempt to put a new spin on team-building activities, but more a genuine, fun social activity for colleagues to enjoy together after spending so long apart.

We call these events Creation Stations, and we’ve loved helping people unwind after work as they discover previously unknown artistic flair. Some of our work in this area has also involved pulling off pop-up spectacles to celebrate all types of events, like national days or celebrations of cultural heritage, such as Cinco De Mayo. We’ve seen how a few hours watching and taking part in creativity has really boosted the energy in these workspaces.

However, it’s no secret that after all the lockdowns, many people have been reluctant to return to the office, and in some cases, this has impacted the rapport and sense of cohesion between colleagues. Our challenge has been to offer lively entertainment that people want to be part of, so that full-time and hybrid employees coming into work also have something genuinely exciting to look forward to before, during or after their workday.

Although it’s been a new avenue for us, we’ve loved delivering our Creation Stations, especially when the companies we’re working with are full of enthusiastic people who can’t wait to be involved. We’ve even sent our Brusherettes down a few times to help get Creation Station attendees appropriately glammed up for the events, with face-paint, glitter art, henna and UV designs still proving extremely popular.

While we’ve been lucky to be busy post-Covid, these Creation Stations have given us a new outlet for our creativity, where we can combine some of our signature services with that unique BRE magic to delight a different type of audience in a new way. It’s boosted our bookings and kept our performers in constant demand in a time when things still felt quite uncertain. And for our clients, our Creation Stations have injected some much-needed balance, bringing more energy, beauty and whimsical spirit to corporate land.

After 12 years in the business, and the biggest setback any of us could imagine, it’s been so encouraging to find new ways to push through and create unexpected moments of joy that people can remember forever.

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