Fierce And Fabulous: The 2023 Women Of The Year Awards

Fierce And Fabulous: The 2023 Women Of The Year Awards

An incredible night celebrating exceptional women


Earlier this month we had the privilege of attending our first Women Of The Year Awards and it really was something special. We’re no strangers to award shows but as a female-led company there was just something incredibly moving about being in a room of amazing women, hearing their stories and having the honour of entertaining them.

The Women the Year Awards first took place 41 years ago in Nottingham as a ladies’ luncheon to raise money for charity. Over the years, the event expanded nationwide and started to focus on celebrating the achievements of women in business and women who’ve overcome the most challenging of circumstances. It’s become a space to promote positive female role models, inspire others and raise crucial funds for charities that support women. It’s a safe, nurturing celebration of sisterhood and we definitely connected with the vibe.

As the entertainment sponsors on the night, we opened the event with our stunning performance of our Greatest Show musical followed by a heartfelt music and movement tribute to the incredible women of the Windrush generation. We loved hearing stories about the fabulous businesses women are running all over the country and we also had a great chat with Women Of The Year Awards president, Sally Lindsay.

It was truly a privilege to be in the presence of so many remarkable women, but our biggest takeaway from the event was a reminder of just how lucky we are to be a female-led team, headed up by three powerhouses who call all the shots. In the entertainment industry, that’s still rare and even after 15 years we still encounter people that are surprised there isn’t some male head honcho making the decisions and holding the purse strings. And, while there might be three of us, and we’ve got pretty great hair, we’re not Charlie’s Angels.

We’re Charlie. And we can all be Charlie.

The Women Of The Year Awards were testament to that. Hundreds of accomplished trailblazers, entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers who are breaking down barriers and making their mark in all kinds of industries. It’s not always an easy road, but there really is nothing women can’t do when we put our minds to it.

As women in business, female founders, and industry leaders, we have a responsibility to continue the legacy of those who came before us. We need to keep uplifting one another and celebrating each other’s successes so we can inspire those who will follow in our footsteps. The Women of the Year Awards was a powerful reminder of the strength we can find in that collective female spirit.

When one woman wins, we all win, and we’ll keep winning as long as we stick together.

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