Event Planning 101: Crafting An Unforgettable Experience

Event Planning 101: Crafting An Unforgettable Experience

Event Management


While getting the logistics right is undoubtedly the secret to making events run smoothly, our guiding philosophy is always to do everything we can to take care of people at our events. Costumes, rehearsals, travel and schedules are all important, but nothing sets you up better than having the right team. Unforgettable experiences are created when the people you bring together truly embody your values and have a commitment to seeing the client’s vision through to the end. We always say we’re unstoppable with our team behind us, so here are our top tips for assembling your own group of event superheroes to help you pull off the most incredible events.

Get Organised

Events are about so much more than the guests, venue, refreshments and even the entertainment. There are multiple factors that build the overall ambience, including the lighting, sound, spacing, staging and flow. We like to ensure every aspect of the atmosphere is tailored to our clients’ specific needs, so we’re big on attention to detail. This means lots of planning, loads of lists and a significant amount of time spent developing relationships so we know we can always build teams we can rely on.

Establish Your Dream Team

We’re lucky enough to have a lovely core team, plus a trusted network of incredibly talented professionals that we can pull in when we need to, and this is really the secret behind our success. When there’s so much to organise, it can easily get stressful but bringing our dream team to an event means everyone’s on board and behind you, so the process becomes easier. Our dream team are called that because they bring everything to a performance but also have the agility to adapt if things don’t go to plan, so no issues are ever passed on to the client. This kind of flexibility means there’s never any drama and our events feel seamless to guests and effortless behind the scenes.


As with most things, communication with both your team and client is key. When everyone is really clear, the event comes together cohesively so confusion and crossed wires are rare. We keep our team so well informed that if we do end up hitting a snag, it’s easy for them to think on their feet and troubleshoot problems so things don’t snowball and slow us down. We also insist on open and honest two-way communication, so everyone feels confident speaking up if things don’t feel right and we can work together to find a solution.

Happy Team, Happy Client

What happens off stage has a huge impact on the performance your guests experience, so we make looking after our team one of our top priorities on any event. This starts with the basics like making sure everyone is warm, fed, watered and has Wi-Fi, and then more serious things like making sure everyone is paid fairly and on time. Performers love working with us because they know they’re in the room because we think they’re the best person for the job. They know we value their individual skills and strengths and are happy to collaborate and let them run with it. They get to add their own creative energy to every performance to make it something really special, and this in turn leaves the audience – and client! – delighted.

Ultimately, we want everyone to come away from our events looking forward to the next one and feeling impressed, not stressed. It makes all the difference when performers come in happy, excited and knowing they’ll be well-looked after, because then everyone gets the best show, and it creates a really nice environment to be in. We want our clients to experience all the production and vision without any of the hassle and for that you need people who understand what it takes to make an event truly exceptional, so we can create the truly unforgettable experiences your guests deserve.

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