Why The Entertainment Industry Needs To Stick Together

Why The Entertainment Industry Needs To Stick Together

Entertainment Industry

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The pandemic has hit the entertainment industry hard, and I know like us, many of you will have seen events you’ve been planning for months just vanish overnight. It’s been a tough year for entertainers, arguably in a time when the world has needed us most. However, I also think the events of the last year have also provided a rare opportunity to put our creative heads together and imagine a new, more collaborative era for the entertainment industry.

In the past, boutique companies like ours have had to compete against faceless agencies, who see the incredible talents we provide as commodities they can package together for any client, at any price. We know that’s not the case. We’re big champions of showing clients the real entertainment industry, and working with them to create shows and performances that will truly delight and amaze their guests.

We want to continue working with the best talent around, by hiring and supporting as many creatives as possible. Our company ethos also means we’re especially interested in working with entertainers who stand out, push the envelope and don’t always get the opportunities they deserve.

During these unusual (and unfortunately for our industry) quieter times, we would like to connect with innovative and original talent from across the globe, and make some new connections with the LGBTQ+ community. We’re not a large agency – we create bespoke productions in-house and collaborate with a small, hand-selected group of artists on our books – but we believe in creating fulfilling work.

We truly feel that by reaching out to all performers and entertainment companies, and working together, we can dream up some uniquely wonderful shows. Working together will allow us to unleash the spectacle we’ve had to stifle for a whole year, and give people the incredible shows they’ve been craving while we’ve all been locked down.

So, if you’re a singer, contortionist, drag act, one-person and/or a projection mapper, please get in touch so we can start making magic.

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