Walkabout Performers

When you’re exploring ideas to make your event stand out, there are lots of ways you can shake things up to impress your audience. In our experience, taking the show into the crowd by hiring walkabout performers to delight your guests is one of the most effective ways to give them a new event experience they may never have had before.

At Beyond Repair Entertainment we’re all about rewriting the rules to create a unique experience for your guests that they won’t find anywhere else. We don’t believe in confining entertainment to the stage and can offer almost every one of our exceptional performances as a walkabout option, to give your event a more intimate, interactive feel.

Our fantastic acrobats, beautiful dancers and powerful singers can all perform while roaming the crowd. Specialist acts such as our captivating magicians, contact jugglers and astonishing contortionists work perfectly as close-up entertainment that will thrill your guests.

Our stunning living-art performers, daring danger acts and seasonal specials like Santa Claus thrive off audience participation and draw inspiration from the crowd to tailor each performance into something exciting and original.

Several of our offerings are already designed as walkabout performers, such as our strolling and singing human tables who serve canapés and drinks while they glide through your venue, serenading your guests with songs of your choice.

If you choose to hire themed make-up artists for your event, our glittery brusherettes can work their way through the crowd, stopping to adorn your audience’s arms and face with beautiful gems, fabulous feathers and biodegradable glitter.

They can even paint intricate, custom designs using UV body paint or organic henna on your guests, creating eye-catching temporary tattoos that complement their outfits or the theme of your event.

All of our walkabout characters can be costumed and made up to match any theme you have in mind. They will keep the crowd engaged and the event flowing smoothly as they simultaneously entertain different groups of private, corporate and commercial guests.

Set your event apart by treating your audience to our incredible walkabout performers, for an unconventional take on event entertainment.

an extraordinary company to work with

an extraordinary company to work with

Beyond Repair were an extraordinary company to work with. We had the privilege of booking them to perform on the main stage as well as provide walkabout performances across the venue. Their skill, talent, charm and exquisite attire ensured that they remain our favourite dance troupe to work with!

Jared Philippo - Gypsy Disco Neon Jungle Event

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Our stunning walkabout performers thrive off audience participation. Drop us a line to find out more.