Virtual Workshops

Virtual Craft Workshops

We’re strong believers in making everything better with glitter, and are proud to use EcoStardust’s biodegradable glitter to keep the planet safe when we get sparkly at our virtual craft workshops!

Glitter features heavily in our costumes, make-up bars and at nearly all our events, but using plastic glitter in this way is just not sustainable, and can have an irreversible, damaging impact on our oceans and marine life. Eco-glitter companies like EcoStardust offer a shiny, sparkly alternative with their range of plant-derived products that are proven to biodegrade harmlessly in any environment. This is crucial for our hands-on workshops where our artists are focused on bringing out your inner creative.

That’s why we chose to partner with EcoStardust for the custom glitter activity kits we send out for our virtual events, and for the elaborate designs we create for our artists, performers and your guests at festivals, parties and corporate events. This way you can get crafting with a clear conscience and we can focus on making your guests look their absolute best, without worrying about damaging the world and accelerating the climate emergency.

We even created a powerful dance performance using EcoStardust’s biodegradable eco-glitter to spread awareness about the dangers of using cosmetic plastic long-term because we think it should always be Glitter Not Litter!

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We're proud to use biodegradable glitter when we get sparkly at our virtual craft workshops! Drop us a line to find out more.

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