Under the Sea

Under The Sea

What a beautiful theme this is, we are in love with the many possibilities of it and all of the ways it can be adapted beautifully to water themed events and sustainability themed events alike.

We were lucky enough to create our very first Under the Sea production on the famous tea clipper The Cutty Sark for our client The Port of Felixstowe. We like to approach this theme with glow, colour and phosphorescence.

The wonderful thing about this concept is that it keeps on building in glow as the event continues using U.V floodlights and glowing costumes.

Our unique costumes, body art and props are only available from beyond repair entertainment and we have created a wide range of under the sea looks that stun and impress in normal light, but take on a whole other phosphorescent life of their own when under U.V. This means your cast of performers look different at the end of the event then they did at the start, a magical metamorphosis , mirroring the light shows of the sea reflecting and twinkling creatures, water and coral.

This production uses the epic soundtrack of BBC’s Blue Planet and takes the audience on a journey through the theme. It highlights the beauty of our natural environment and can be performed immersively, on stage or a little of both. The show traditionally includes professional ballet dancers, acrobats, ribbon rhythmic gymnasts and duo contortion. It can however be adapted to include any specialist skill you may desire, the costumes that represent sea creatures, mermaids, jellyfish, coral and more abstract phosphorescent elements can be used for any skill including Cyr Wheel, Aerial, Live vocals, Stilts and many more.

Whether it’s a full stage show, short pop up performances, a walkabout or the whole evening immersed in the sea, we can create the perfect Under the Sea entertainment for you. We also recommend our U.V Glitter Brusherettes to create phosphorescent creations on your guests, they can have the opportunity to aesthetically evolve with the entertainment with a see of glowing guest – truly mesmerizing.

We use only Biodegradable glitter in our commitment to creating sustainable events.

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