Strolling and Singing Human Tables

Strolling Human Tables

Ever wondered what it would be like if the furniture came alive? Let our human tables serve the guests at your next event to find out!

Adding an unexpected, whimsical touch of fantasy to proceedings, our talented human-table performers take service with a smile to a whole new level!

They can charm the crowd as they deliver canapés and cocktails or greet them with a welcome drink on arrival.

You can also book a strolling and singing human table, where one of our gifted vocalists can serenade the audience as they glide through your venue, topping up refreshments along the way.

As well as drinks and nibbles, you can use the human tables to display or serve any type of treat for your guests.They can hand out product samples, act as an information booth or even form part of an extravagant, interactive buffet.

Our tables come in a variety of beautiful, ready-to-go styles, which can be customised to incorporate fabulous feathers, twinkling LED fairy lights and a whole host of stunning props into the table design. You can choose an ornate porcelain table in a costume of your choice or opt for a festival-ready summer favourite, adorned with bright flowers and delicate petals. You can even go fully bespoke and create a unique table dressing to reflect the theme of your event – there’s really no end to the possibilities!

Our human tables can help shepherd guests around the venue to keep your event in full flow, or take on a hosting role throughout. You can book a few human-table performers to be placed strategically around your event for guests to enjoy or have them entertaining the crowd as they stroll. They’re fabulous event landmarks and can also offer tips and explain product features to the audience if booked as part of an experiential marketing event. They’re perfect for private parties too and are ideally placed to hand out party favours, goodie bags and souvenirs to close out the event.

Give your guests an opportunity to liven up their social media feeds and live out an updated version of the enchanted castle experience with our elaborate human tables.

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