Memorable experiences are all about turning the everyday into something exceptional. This is exactly what you’ll get if you come to Beyond Repair Entertainment needing a magician for hire!

Our skilled magicians will capture the imagination of the crowds with a dizzying array of updated traditional tricks and unique illusions, taking close-up magic to a whole new level. Using common props such as cards, utensils, money and personal items from your guests, our magicians will leave audiences of every size impressed with their sleight of hand and with highly original routines.

Ideal for all types of events, our magicians add an element of unconventional fun to corporate events, and the need for audience participation makes their performances both thrilling and interactive – which boosts engagement. Close-up magic is naturally perfect for immersive, walkabout performances, but our magicians are just as comfortable displaying their incredible tricks on stage.

Taking inspiration from the theme of your event, our magicians can create a completely bespoke show full of surprises that will make even the most ardent doubter want to believe in magic! If you’re planning a promotional event, our experienced performers can weave in product features and benefits to their routine, use the product as a prop or build a custom show around it.

As with all Beyond Repair Entertainment performers, our magicians’ costumes and make-up can be matched to any theme, and our award-winning make-up artists and costume designers can style them according to your colour scheme, brand visuals or to match any other entertainment you choose to book for the event.

Great on their own or as part of a curated, themed evening, magicians are fantastic at warming up the crowd. They can mingle with guests during welcome drinks, keep them entertained between courses at a gala dinner, or hold their own as the main performance of your event.

At private parties, our magicians will win over crowds of any age. If you’re booking a special party for your children, we would strongly recommend magician hire for kids’ party entertainment to keep the little ones – and parents – mesmerised.

Let our talented magician pique your guests’ curiosity with unbelievable magic tricks that will have them smiling from ear to ear.

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Our magicians can create a completely bespoke show full of surprises. Drop us a line to find out more.