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Living Art Ballerinas


Our wonderful friends at Planned 2 Perfection always have clients with an eye for detail. When they approached us for this event we could see that this client was no different. They were looking for eye-catching immersive living ballerina art and entertainment for a cocktail party, in which performers needed to be able to manoeuvre around a relatively tight space and provide a talking point for guests. We shared our Living Art portfolio with them and created sketches and costume designs for a bespoke Japanese ballerina look – and it was a perfect fit. With the green light from the client we were ready to create.


With the initial designs signed off by the client, we were ready to get to work. We’re exceptionally lucky to have an award-winning team of artists and costume designers at our creative disposal. Our creative designer, Lottie, and headdress queen, Brierley, got to work on creating all elements including Japanese belts, dresses and solidifying the body art. Paints were tested and purchased and the look was set.

The office team got started on casting exceptionally talented ballet dancers of Japanese origin. As this was an immersive and improvised performance, our dancers Shoko and Sophia were briefed via video call, discussing movement and interaction with guests to have them prepared for the project. We were ready to go.


This cocktail party was an intimate and decadent affair. We had made sure we knew the space well pre-event so that dancers knew where they could manoeuvre and what elements of the room their artwork keyed into for full effect. There were cherry blossoms all over the main space for this event so our performers looked like part of the tapestry in this part of the room. 

Dancers entered the space over three sets, pirouetting, posing and roaming through the room. Cameras were regularly out as guests took the opportunity to get a snapshot of our beautiful Japanese living art ballerinas. It was a sophisticated and delightful event that had been paying attention to detail from start to finish.

Absolutely Phenomenal!

Absolutely Phenomenal!

"They looked absolutely phenomenal - the client was delighted. Thanks for another beautiful creation, Beyond Repair!"

Jessica Coull - Planned 2 Perfection

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