Iconic Era Dancers

Iconic Era Dancers

Got an era-specific theme in mind for your event and need some exciting entertainment to match? The swinging sixties, roaring twenties or fabulous and futuristic – whatever decade inspires you, our iconic-era dancers have got the talent and expertise to bring your vision to life.

The most memorable dance routines are those that resonate so deeply with audiences, that they become forever associated with a moment in time. It’s this powerful sense of connection that truly makes anything legendary. Each show performed by our iconic-era dancers can incorporate elements of the classic dances connected to a particular era, or take inspiration from the most beloved films, music videos and live performances of the time.

Our exceptional team can also create a custom piece based on your ideas, and share the magic of the past with your audience in a fun and imaginative way.

You may have a penchant for nineties’ hip-hop or an obsession with seventies’ disco, a passion for eighties’ glam rock or be partial to some noughties’ bubble-gum pop. Whatever your preference, our talented team of dancers and choreographers can capture the spirit of any era’s most famous dancers with some totally original routines your guests will love.

To complement the slick routines inspired by your chosen time period, our costume department will dress every performer in authentic costumes that pay homage to the unique style of the era’s most notable characters. Every costume can be customised to match your colour scheme, branding or venue and we pay special attention to the finer details, such as speciality props, trademark accessories and signature hairstyles.

Our award-winning make-up artists can also recreate the striking looks that defined the era and paint our iconic-era dancers’ faces to match your theme.

You can go for bold Bowie bolts, sensational Studio 54 sparkles or gorgeous Gatsby-esque glamour – the possibilities are endless! Our gifted make-up artists can even get your guests involved and extend the makeover magic to the crowd, transforming your audience with the same hallmark designs as our dancers for an added element of interactive fun.

Pay tribute to the famous dancers, singers and performers who shaped your tastes with an unforgettable dance show that will get the whole crowd in the party mood.

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