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Hula Hoop Performers

Looking for an unusual entertainment idea to make your next event outstanding? Our fascinating hula-hoop performers will thrill crowds of all ages with a fun LED performance they’re unlikely to see elsewhere.

Showcasing incredible flexibility and enviable core control, our hula-hoop performers will delight your guests with an exciting, energetic routine that will leave them mesmerised. Perfect for all types of events, our hula-hoop dance performances incorporate multiple, flashing hula hoops to create a spectacle big enough to keep the whole crowd enthralled as the sole entertainment at your event.

The high-impact nature of hula-hoop dance also works well as part of a themed event alongside other performances, and is particularly effective as a surprising entertainment interlude between courses at a curated dinner.

Our exceptional hula-hoop performers will keep the crowd captivated with every hip movement. Your guests will be intrigued as the routine inexplicably gathers pace while the performers add more hoops without ever losing control. With a wide range of twists and tricks, our performers incorporate various dance styles, athletic manoeuvres and gymnastic poise to deliver an original show that celebrates balance, flexibility and the benefits of an agile waist.

Each performance is tailored to the crowd and event to keep the routines fresh. However, if you want something extra-special to make your event stand out, our hula-hoop performers can work with you to choreograph a completely original piece. This performance can be set to any music of your choice and can feature our most popular hula-hoop tricks as well as some unique skills that will blow the crowd away.

The visual impact of the LED hula hoop is an integral part of the performance, and all of our hula-hoop performers come dressed in eye-catching costumes to complement the beautiful colours of their equipment.

These costumes can be styled to match any theme, and we can even create bespoke outfits based on your own ideas for the most extravagant and over-the-top events.

Treat your guests to some memorable entertainment they won’t forget in a hurry with a fantastic hula-hoop dance performance that’s guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

Outstanding Success

Outstanding Success

‘I wanted to write to thank you, all of the Beyond Repair team and performers for making last weekend’s Ferrari Owners’ Club Gala Dinner & Dance and outstanding success. Your professionalism and commitment to us as your client was exemplary! From the early stages of planning through to delivery. The performance was truly captivating. The music is still tapping a beat in my head still today. For me personally, better than last year!’

Ferrari Owners Club

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