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We love all the fun possibilities our actors for marketing events can bring. The key is hearing what the client wants to achieve and giving clear options that can bring that to life. Eurowings approached us with a Christmas cracker of an idea in mind, the concept ‘Eurowings brings people together this Christmas’.

The activation was a stunt to invite two couples at a time to put on a ‘cuddle jumper’ – a large jumper that they share with one arm each. They would then compete with each other to wrap up a suitcase complete with a big bow in Eurowings-branded wrapping paper. It’s a very difficult and funny challenge when trying to coordinate with a partner.

What did the client want from us? Alongside Heart DJ, Sian Welby, and two air hostesses, the client was looking for two actors to encourage the fun, lead by example and make sure that the stand never looked quiet. They wanted them to be personable, behave like a real couple and be proactive in getting the public to participate. The prize you ask? A fabulously Christmassy Eurowings jumper!


When clients are looking to hire actors for events, it is important to get the casting right. We understand how important a client’s brand identity and reputation is, and we know that the cast need to compliment that. In this instance, we knew our client wanted to have actors that look like you and I, with a reflection of the ethnic diversity of the UK. We have a large but meticulously hand-selected group of talent and we got started casting this the right way. Picking two actors that we know are ‘people persons’ and used to immersive style events, we briefed them on the concept, organised all the logistical elements on the day and sent them on their jingle way.

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All logistics were pre-arranged with the airport so our performers’ arrival was easy and seamless. It was the festive season, people were jetting off to see loved ones and it made for a heartwarming marketing stunt indeed. Our actors got straight in there, showing how it worked for the guests and encouraging everyone to have a go. They had a lovely time working with the presenter and there were endless laughs all day – and they call this work? Brilliant fun!

Thank you!

Thank you!

"We could not have asked for more from start to finish!"

Jo Comford - Eurowings

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