Graffiti Artists

Graffiti Artists

Artistic event entertainment is always a crowd pleaser, and you’ll find the most unique graffiti artists for hire at Beyond Repair Entertainment.

Big, bold lettering, intricate portraits, high-speed pictures and retro images – there’s nothing our incredibly talented graffiti artists can’t do with an idea and a spray can. They’ll impress your crowd with their artistic vision and draw inspiration from your event theme, venue and the crowd to create custom artwork that will take your breath away.

You can opt for graffiti hire to start before your guests arrive, timing the work precisely to unveil the finished piece during the event to delight your guests. The artwork can also become a pop-up installation where the audience can watch our aerosol expert while they work, and learn about the process, planning and attention to detail required to create a graffiti masterpiece.

Audiences usually watch in awe as our gifted artist breathes new life into any surface they touch, using paint to revitalise dull spaces with colour, energy and fun.

Perfect for private parties, festivals and corporate events with an edge, graffiti artist hire is a great way to artistically document your event. The work can be preserved as a colourful mural, painted on boards that can be kept and framed, or filmed and photographed for souvenirs. Our artists are all comfortable on camera and their highly visual work makes for beautifully vivid content that can be shared on TV, in print and across social media channels.

As with all our entertainers, our graffiti artists can be costumed and made up to match the theme of your event. They’ll also work closely with you to create art that reflects your ideas. While they make for a captivating entertainment option on their own – great if you’re limited on space – their work also complements any other performers you select, helping to create a lively atmosphere at your event.

The rich history of graffiti art makes it a fascinating medium to study for art lovers of all ages, and we now have a safe, socially distanced way for you to make use of the best graffiti artists for hire.

Our online graffiti tutorials, where those intrigued by this freestyle art form can learn basic graffiti principles, are the perfect way to add some interactive fun to your next virtual event. Ideal for low-key group activities, corporate team-building workshops and everything in between, our experienced artists will teach all attendees how to express themselves with paint and unlock their creativity.

Embrace modern culture at its finest with a bold, vibrant graffiti artist that will leave your guests longing to know more about art.

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