Bar Mitzvah, Disco Ball Heads and Lasers!

Freddie’s Bar Mitzvah


We were approached by an event planner we work with regularly who had an enthusiastic and creative Bar Mitzvah boy! His parents were going all out to celebrate this important event and wanted to tailor everything to the boy himself. There is always a focus on the entrance of the Bar Mitzvah boy for this type of private event, and our young mover and shaker wanted to make a BIG statement. He liked music including Queen, Daft Punk and Blackstreet, and he also liked to dance. Through discussion with the boy and his family that he would be involved in a flash mob reveal, remaining incognito for part of it to emphasise that wow moment, so we got to work. The event’s budget was £4.5k.


After casting six professional dancers with a broad range of skills in popping, breakdance and ballet we started to work on the music edit. Creating a mix with a We will Rock you entrance, a Daft Punk disco and a smooth Blackstreet finale. It was decided that our Disco Ball heads would be the ideal incognito look for all the dancers including the lead boy himself. They look Daft Punk in style and are also super fun and reflective! 

Our Bar Mitzvah boy would have his ‘head’ removed by the dancers for that WOW factor moment. We had two in studio rehearsals with the dancers and our Bar Mitzvah star, plus one home visit from the choreographer to perfect some moonwalking and a new acrobatic trick. We also decided that we should include some laser gloves for the Bar Mitzvah boy, as we wanted to make sure that he shone super bright like the star he is!


The event went super smoothly, it was a lovely family affair and celebration of a young boy coming of age. We rehearsed onsite pre-show with our young man of the moment and when the time came we went for it. Everything this young star had worked toward came down to this moment. The stage was set, the lights were on and the haze was ready for the lasers. 

The client also booked two of our Glitter Brusherettes creating glistening glitter eye designs on the guests, just in case there wasn’t enough sparkle! This went down brilliantly and they delighted many with their fun approach and artistic talents.

What a way to make an entrance, he really was a superstar.

What a way to make an entrance, he really was a superstar.

"The flash mob went down beautifully, there was a huge crowd around the show and they were all pointing and getting excited when they realised the young man they had come to celebrate was the one flipping and tricking in a disco ball head. The reveal was an awesome moment and the crowd went wild!"

- Private client

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