Microgaming Flashmob

Microgaming Flashmob at ICE London


ICE is the biggest global gaming event for solutions providers and gaming professionals. It takes place in London bi-annually and also takes place in Asia and The Americas. This event is hugely important to gaming companies launching new products, and Microgaming approached us to launch their brand new Village People themed slots game. They wanted to make a big splash and suggested a flash mob of around twenty dancers. Beyond that, they were open to our creative direction.


The team at Microgaming were really keen to include a big surprise element into proceedings but also some theatrics. We thought it would be great if we hid some performers wearing ’70s attire and others that were dressed like delegates. Alongside the all important YMCA number, we worked with the client to pick other great ’70s tracks that they felt were a good fit for the brand. The soundtrack featured Funky Town, Macho Man and Saturday Night Fever – a ’70s hitfest of sorts!

We got busy booking a diverse mix of exceptionally talented dancers, all of which had specialist acrobatic, ballroom, breakdancing and musical theatre skills that we could take full advantage of. Our costume department got to work on creating some iconic 1970’s looks and delegate attire too. 

We mapped out the space the client had provided plans for and identified entrances, exits, use of platforms and props pre-rehearsal. Once this was all arranged we got into a large studio with our dancers and created some ’70s disco magic. All was packed, rehearsed and ready to go. As corporate event ideas go, you can’t deny the unwavering appeal of a flash mob.


This was an all day event with flash mobs appearing over a five hour period. We arrived at the Excel in London bright and early to rehearse in the space before anyone else arrived. All went smoothly and we were given a delightful dressing space on the Sunborn Yacht right next to the exhibition centre. What a treat – we could get used to this!

The flash mobs themselves went swimmingly, Microgaming had the biggest pitch at the event with bright colours and eye catching design elements. We were there to make it come to life with sound and motion, and that’s what we did. The crowds were huge and there was a HUGE social media response too. The dancers had great fun and so did the client and audience – a successful day for all involved.

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