Drag Acts

Drag Acts

Does your event need entertainment that’s edgy, exciting and, most importantly, fabulous? Look no further! We’ve got the most exquisite drag acts in the business, who will turn your event into a spectacular soirée.

Birthdays, festivals, corporate dinners – there are few events that can’t be elevated by the intoxicating glamour of drag-queen entertainment. Sophisticated or sultry, classy or comic, our drag acts can embody any theme and bring it to life in the most extraordinary way. They make perfect hosts for your event, rule the roost as compères and can greet guests then roam the crowd, keeping them entertained with their larger-than-life personalities.

All of our drag-act performers are multi-talented. In addition to their presenting duties, they can perform a variety of entertainment to match the theme of your evening. You can choose from classic lip-sync or catwalk shows, over-the-top dance routines, an in-character vocal performance and much, much more. Whatever elements of drag-queen entertainment you want to share with your audience, our experienced performers will pull out all the stops and deliver unbelievable shows to make the crowd go wild.

We all know drag acts are particular about their image, but our accommodating performers can adapt their costume and make-up to match the theme of your event, brand colours or any style you can dream up! Our award-winning make-up artists can even create bespoke seasonal looks for Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Halloween and ramp up the luxurious vibe with feathers, gems, elaborate make-up and biodegradable glitter.

Drag acts are natural scene-stealers so they can more than hold their own as the stand-alone main attraction at your event. They also work well alongside other performers

as part of a themed evening. Guests love taking photos with our impeccably dressed queens, and their eye-catching presence also makes drag-queen entertainment ideal for promotional activity.

If you need a standout performance to impress clients, customers or anyone with a camera, our drag performers can instantly turn on the charm to delight the crowds. Great for TV, film and content creation work too – the possibilities are endless when you book remarkable drag performers from Beyond Repair Entertainment.

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Our drag-queen entertainers bring a touch of class and a whole lotta sass! Drop us a line to find out how.