Danger Acts

Danger Acts

Want to give the crowd at your next event a thrill? Turn up the adrenaline and leave them wide-eyed with one of our exciting, original danger acts!

Whether you’re into flame, fear or fangs, our range of unexpected danger acts will get the audience’s blood pumping with a mix of apprehension and excitement. Every one of our performers is highly skilled, and while their realistic

performances might make you wince, each one is completely safe for both artist and guests.

You can crank up the heat with an alluring fire performer, bringing glamour and glitz to a routine that requires real guts. Our fire performers manipulate the tiniest sparks into towering infernos using a mesmerising mix of dance, costume and incredible fire-handling skills.

Choose from blazing fire-poi tricks, classic fire eating, stunning fire fans and more, for a fresh and fabulous take on traditional fire-breather hire.

Take your guests’ nerves to the edge with a costumed performer braving a bed of nails in a superhuman feat of endurance, or for full shock value, let our experienced human blockhead performers show your guests how to push the human body’s pain threshold to eye-watering levels.

We also have exceptional performers combining sword-swallowing skills with gymnastic tricks that seem impossible, and captivating snake charmers with a hypnotic performance that will leave your guests in awe.

Ideal for all types of private and corporate events, every one of our danger acts can be costumed and made up to match the theme of your event, and each danger routine packs enough

punch to be the solo entertainment at your event without leaving your audience feeling short-changed.

For larger themed evenings, our danger acts can be combined together or with our other talented performers, to create a truly unique, bespoke entertainment programme, which will set your event apart from the rest.

If you’re looking for creative marketing ideas, the curiosity that our danger acts inspire in audiences makes them perfect for many promotional activities. Booked on their own or together, each danger routine helps create an enticing atmosphere of inviting risk to any TV, film, advertising or content work you might have planned. The possibilities really are endless!

Give your audience something they’ll never expect with some unconventional entertainment that will have them intrigued.

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