UV Robots

UV Robots

Innovation in tech is an ever growing theme for events, and we like to be at the forefront of original ideas with our UV Performances. Our UV cyborg show is a steer away from the Tron-style and pre-programmed light up suit shows. While they have been a staple at events for many years, we felt it was time for a totally fresh approach. Our show has the slick and edgy feel that you would expect from a tech themed show, but it fuses tech with human form and is delightfully adaptable too.

Our performers come in never-seen-before looks for UV performance. The looks are a combination of UV costume that is exclusive too Beyond Repair Entertainment, laser gloves and epaulets, glowing eyes, laser eyes, face art and inexplicably slick choreography to take it all to the next level – you cannot find this anywhere else.

This show is set to a futuristic and crowd rousing soundtrack, it is ideal for an opening ceremony, awards show or stunt. We have a range of cast sizes and would recommend no fewer than six performers. All our performers are dancer acrobats, gymnasts and stunt performers, exploding onto the stage in full glow and impact. The lasers are far-reaching and create a phenomenal effect across very large spaces, by the end of the performance there is no performer that isn’t fully aglow including LED poi.

Many elements can be added to including LED hoop, trapeze, aerial and cyr wheel – we are always thinking of new ways to develop the show so if there is something you would like included we relish a challenge.

This show is shorter and sharper to create that WOW effect – we recommend three to six minutes maximum. Performers can be available as a meet and greet and they can also join an after party in full glow. Why not make the most of our artists and have a UV bar or roaming Brusherettes creating UV glow on your guests? It can really give your event that wow factor and get everyone involved in the party.

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Ideal for an opening ceremony, awards show or stunt, our UV Robots bring a futuristic feeling. Drop us a line to find out more.