Tile Artist

Tile Artists

Tired of traditional event entertainment? If you’re looking for an interactive option that’s delightfully unique, our talented tile artists are exactly what you need!

Using your guests as inspiration, our tile artists can paint miniature portraits, build a giant mosaic of the audience or delight the crowd as they capture the event in a live-art installation. If your event has a theme, our tile artists can create a beautiful, custom piece of art to help dress the space, drawing the crowd in as they watch the artwork come to life.

This type of entertainment works best in an interactive environment, and our tile artists encourage a high level of audience participation, which makes them ideal for all types of experiential marketing events.

They also add a fun dynamic for corporate workshops, documenting milestones in your company history and can even work well virtually – capturing all the reactions during a digital group event through the screen.

If you’re having a private event, our tile artists can be a focal point of their own, and easily complement any other performers you book. They can be costumed to match your theme and you can choose between a larger, static tile piece or have them roaming through the crowd, rendering all your beautiful guests in ceramic.

The final piece will be a stunning reminder of your event. If you opt for individual portraits, they become wonderful, bespoke souvenirs that your guests will treasure forever.

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