Looking for an elegant way to elevate your next event? Nothing says high-end quite like gorgeous, glamorous showgirl and ours are the best in the business.

Whether you’re thinking Moulin Rouge or the MGM Grand, we’ve got the best burlesque, modern and Las Vegas showgirls for hire. Immaculately costumed and with flawless make-up from our award-winning artists, your guests will be mesmerised by our showgirls who not only look fantastic, but can also deliver outstanding performances your audience will never forget.

Ideal for all types of private, corporate and commercial events, their elaborately detailed costumes, stunning luxury props and mesmerising routines give our showgirls the edge. Great for welcoming guests, our showgirls can also double up as beautiful hostesses, or keep spirits high as they roam the crowd serving canapés and drinks with a smile.

Their stunning attire also makes them perfect selfie-buddies, giving your guests a unique photo opportunity that will draw extra attention to your event when the crowd post their snaps across social media.

Our vintage, glamorous Vegas showgirls for hire are also talented performers who can entertain your guests with captivating dance performances, some stunning vocals or a selection of specialist circus-style acts. You can choose from a wide range of popular shows or we can work with you to create a totally bespoke or personalised performance, unique to your event.

The eye-catching spectacle of a showgirl also lends itself well to commercial opportunities. Our showgirls are ideal for promotional events, product launches and content creation too. You can hire showgirls for marketing stunts, to hand out promotional material outdoors or as brand ambassadors, engaging with the public about your product.

While they are usually dressed in vintage, sparkly or cabaret-style costumes, our talented artistry team can match our showgirls’ look to any theme you have in mind to bring a touch of old-school Hollywood glamour to your fantastic event.

Whether roaring twenties, Parisian chic or an indulgent casino vibe, if you’ve got an over-the-top party on the horizon, our showgirls will enthral your guests for an unforgettable night beyond their wildest dreams.

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Our showgirls are perfect for roaring twenties, Parisian chic or an indulgent casino vibe. Drop us a line to find out more.