Launch Mandarin Oriental Space

Ribbon Dancers & Living Art Launch Mandarin Oriental Space


Planned 2 Perfection were looking to help The Mandarin Oriental London launch a newly refurbished event space at their prestigious hotel and also draw attention to the surrounding spaces in an original and unusual way. After an initial site visit and meeting we proposed a selection of offerings to Planned 2 Perfection for their immersive event experience focusing on key areas. The Loggia space with its exquisite ivory and golds, and the Diner/Bar with the red, amber, black and gold – all of which was contemporary, stylish and cool.

After pitching various concepts, the client went with two gold and ivory ribbon dancers.

These delicate and ornate ribbon dancers can move around the room with eye catching ribbon choreography. They will also help add that sense of fanfare and occasion to the trumpeters and red carpet entrance. 

They also went with our Living Art Mandarin Hostesses – a completely bespoke creation by our body artists and costume team to create stunning East Asian-themed Hostesses that can welcome guests into this exciting room and be a real talking point and Instagram opportunity. 


Our artistic team really are the most talented bunch. Integral in creating mood boards when pitching bespoke art concepts to clients, they are poised and ready to create once a proposal gets the green light. We had our creative designer Lottie working on both parts of the project. First thing was the creation of the decorative headdresses and clothing, designed by Brierley with Lottie focused on the body art.

The ribbon dancers were a creation from our costume designer Amy, she focused on the ivory and gold swirl wallpaper of the space and sourced a fabric that mirrored it beautifully. She also adapted tiara’s that were a previous creation to fit the look.

Once everything was created and we had a fitting with the performers selected, we were ready to go.


The client really had focused all their attention on creating the ultimate immersive events experience. Every single element had been made to link to the key features of the space – it was beautiful!

We wanted to get everything just right and arrived early afternoon to allow for painting time. Backstage the performers were airbrushed and hand painted – we do this all with the space totally covered so that the client need not fear that any paint will be found anywhere else. We can also paint off site if the client prefers. While the living art was being painted, the ribbon dancers were given a tour of spaces they could visit during their immersive sets.

Once everyone was ready to go, we couldn’t wait to get moving. The performers were a talking point for all and even had a picture taken with Helen Mirren who complimented them on their body art. What a night!

‘You look fabulous ladies!’

‘You look fabulous ladies!’

Helen Mirren

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