Airwick Covent Garden

Airwick Covent Garden


We were approached by Woof London to help create outdoor event entertainment that brought Airwick’s brand new range of fragrances to life. The plan was to create a stunt, an experiential marketing event to familiarise people with the product in an innovative and memorable way. The scents were based on the national parks including The Yorkshire Dales, The Peak District, The Brecon Beacons and Exmoor. They approached us with the ideas of having dancers to embody the places and perform something to get the passing audiences attention. They had booked a space in the centre of Covent Garden and planned to have a greenhouse with plants and flowers native to the national parks selected. They put to us, how can you help get the attention of passersby with a budget of £7k.


We began to plan what could take place inside the greenhouse, in front of it and how we could use costumes to connect everything to the product. We started with headdress design and costume. With a cast of eight dancers, in pairs they could represent all four parks with different intricate headpieces. Focusing on different flowers and plants for each look that were inspired by the fragrances themselves. We wanted our performers to be eye catching but also blend into the greenhouse space, supported by an external performance space dressed in astroturf in front of the greenhouse. In the greenhouse, the dancers became ‘living art’ whilst also dancing a three minute contemporary every hour throughout the day. With plans in place, all choreography was rehearsed over two days and costume design was created and fitted to the dancers. We were ready for event day!


Running outdoor events in March can always be a little risky, but we were very lucky – the weather was glorious! As we arrived at our costume and make up space ( a local cafe hired for us), our body artist and hair stylists got started with making our dancers look the part. Intricate floral designs and beautiful headpieces were fitted.

Our first performance was at 10.00am and we drew bigger and bigger crowds over the course of the day. There were queues to see the performance with many asking when the next showing was and returning just to see it. A large queue also grew for the greenhouse experience where the audience could get free samples of the product. It was a super successful and smooth running day.

Just WOW!

Just WOW!

"We cannot thank you enough for your work on this project, We consider it a huge success - we couldn’t have done it without you! Beautiful dancers, costume, choreography and energy from all!"

James - Woof London

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We were approached by Woof London to help create outdoor event entertainment that brought Airwick's brand new range of fragrances to life.