Out of This World

Out Of This World

Originally created for a client that felt they had seen it all, this curated evening of entertainment brings together futuristic cyborgs, wild Victoriana, a nod to the Fifth Element and our Gatsby steamers. It really is one of our most unique corporate event themes, so it’s probably best of we describe each element you can choose from, as you certainly won’t have seen any of this before. The order of events is totally adaptable and we can add any new skill to the evening if desired.

Drinks Reception

Futuristic Punk Scavengers – Bending & balancing around the room. a small starter of the futuristic wildness to come, our post-apocalyptic style scavenger acrobats will immerse themselves around the drinks reception like a delightful yet dark underbelly of a new world. 

Chained Showgirls – Two stunning chain adorned edgy showgirls with feathers, chain headdresses, epaulets, capes and studs! A subtler taste of the dark and metallic splendour of the aerial performances that await…

Opening Act

UV Cyborgs and Ruthless Victoriana – Open your gala dinner or awards event in style with this jaw dropping dance show. Glowing UV cyborgs with hands that cast laser beams across the room and ruthless Victoriana vixens. A full out taste of the wild and rugged future, this show features an underground element mixed with slick tech UV. It is dark, mysterious, powerful and explosive. This acrobatic dance routine has a futuristic commercial edge with a nod to dance of the Victorian era and an element of the wilder west. Our performers strut their stuff in unison, letting the audience know they are running this show.

Other Stage Acts

Fifth Element Aerial Hoop – Our epically talented aerialist takes to the stage for a jaw dropping aerial hoop routine. A strong, sexy and unforgettable performance. Styled as a nod to Fifth Element alongside the iconic uptempo operatic music from the original soundtrack.

Acro Balance – Metal Mods – After a little taste of their talents earlier in a walkabout setting, our Acro Duo return in full metallic splendour to bring their very best stunts and balances to the show! Pouring drinks, defying gravity, you name it they can stretch and balance to it!

Aerial Chains – Our aerialist returns with a chains show that will have everyone’s head spinning! A far more elaborate take on the chain look from the showgirls earlier. More risqué and jaw dropping!

Wax Queen – Dystopian Deity – A risqué but beautiful offering. Our unique dancer combines a Burlesque-style striptease with the pouring of hot wax onto her body. Taking on the dystopian queen role, adorned in metallic leotard swimwear she is a sight to behold. 

After Party

UV Podium Dancers with Lasers – Elaborately painted UV cyborg dancers from the opening act return to dance on the small stage or podium offering freestyle sets.

LED Ribbon Dancers – Elaborately painted UV circuit board dancers from the opening act return to dance on the small stage or podium. These are freestyle sets with glowing LED ribbons.

Poi Light Show – Elaborately painted UV cyborg dancer from the opening act return to dance on the small stage or podium bringing freestyle sets with a spectacular glowing LED poi.

Let's Chat About Our Out of This World Show!

This is one of our most unique themes, fusing futuristic cyborgs, wild Victoriana, Fifth Element and Gatsby. Drop is a line to find out more.