Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering

Live art is always a crowd pleaser and our incredible hand-lettering artists can impress your guests with intricate calligraphy skills that will leave everyone in awe!

Hand lettering is a rare skill that is mesmerising to see live. We guarantee our hand-lettering artists will draw in your guests and keep them captivated by creating a stylish piece of art with words.

You can opt for a larger creation inspired by your event, keep it on brand with a company- or product-themed piece of work, or choose to gift your guests with individual personalised calligraphy mementos to keep.

Our hand-lettering artists can be costumed and made up to match any theme, be part of your walkabout entertainment and can complement some of the more active performers at your event with their laid-back craftsmanship. You can also choose hand lettering as a signature solo entertainment option for any type of event or venue.

While they work best in person where they can interact with the audience, we can also offer hand lettering virtually for safe, socially distanced events. Our hand-lettering artist can take you and a group of friends or colleagues through a tutorial, teaching you basic calligraphy skills, and the tips and tricks to make your artistic ambitions flourish.

Try something new and exciting with an expert hand-lettering artist who will intrigue and amaze the crowd at any event.

Let's Chat About Hand Lettering!

Our hand-lettering artists will draw in your guests and keep them captivated. Drop us a line to find out how.