Dance Movies

Dance Movies

Every generation has an era-defining set of dance movies, and we’ve got the performers, choreographers, costume designers, make-up artists and set-designers to bring alive any routine you have in mind at your next event.

Our experienced, enthusiastic performers can execute routines from your favourite films, music videos, stage shows and festival performances. The zombie stomp in Thriller, the Flashdance spins or the iconic Dirty Dancing lift – we can do it all and more!

Our detail-specific recreations of the routines you love are about expressing emotions, and they triumph dance movies showcase so well. They add a touch of fun and nostalgia to your event, really boosting audience connection through shared memories and the collective experience of watching the performance together.

Dance-movie performances work perfectly for both private and corporate events and can be adapted for any type of venue and events of any size. We can organise a promotional, dance-movie flashmob to get your brand noticed, or perform a cherished routine just for you and your special someone. A rendition of your favourite dance-movie scene can be the highlight of a private party or delight guests at a company event – the possibilities are endless!

All our dance-movie performances can stick closely to the original styling, costume and visual look of the film in question, or be customised to match the theme of your event. We can recommend the best routine to complement your ideas, and if you’re the outgoing type, you can even join in the performance to give the audience an extra-special memory to treasure.

While dance-movie performances naturally work best at in-person events, we also offer a safe, socially distanced option online. A live tutorial of your chosen dance-movie routine with one of our experienced choreographers will add a fun, interactive element to your next virtual event. An ideal good-mood boost, the guided session will lift spirits and leave your invited attendees smiling, energised and wanting more.

This option is perfect for groups of all ages and at all levels of fitness. Why not mix it up with an unconventional entertainment option they definitely won’t expect?

If you’ve ever harboured secret dance aspirations, spent hours learning steps or just thought the on-screen dances were cool, we can help you have the dance-movie experience of your dreams. Whether on screen, on stage or amongst the crowd, our dance-movie performances are definitely something you’ll never forget.

the audience loved the routines

the audience loved the routines

“Beyond Repair were an absolute delight to work with, the team always had a smile on their face and it was great to work with them all! They certainly made running Christmas parties more enjoyable and fun for me without adding extra stress to my day as they were always on the ball and would listen to my cues for “entertainment”. They were all great performers and the audience loved the routines and different acts they had put together.

Charlotte Martin - Best Parties Ever

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Our dance movie performances are perfect for both private and corporate events. To find out how, drop us a line.