CYR Wheel

Cyr Wheel

Looking for some fresh entertainment your guests might not have seen before? Our spectacular cyr-wheel show will leave crowds of all ages wide-eyed and wanting more.

Rising in popularity over the last 25 years, our exceptional cyr-wheel act features a talented gymnast performing a variety of acrobatic tricks with a large metal hoop. You’ll see our cyr-wheel artists become one with the wheel, controlling it as an extension of their own body. Their fluid movements, rotations and inversions create beautiful, mesmerising routines that will leave your audience in awe.


Perfect for private parties and corporate events, our cyr-wheel artists will need sufficient space to showcase their exceptional acrobatic skills, so are ideally suited to larger venues where they can really pull out all the stops. Their spins, swirls and suspensions push the boundaries of balance and will leave your guests astonished at how the human body can move with such elegance and grace.

You could plan a cyr-wheel show as a dramatic opening performance for an over-the-top party or as a fabulous introduction to a themed evening, preparing the crowd for the jaw-dropping entertainment that’s in store. Cyr-wheel routines also work fantastically as the main attraction of your event and are guaranteed to leave your guests amazed.

The rarity of cyr-wheel show performances also makes them great for grabbing attention at commercial events. Our cyr-wheel artists can create custom routines to fit around any theme you have in mind. Each performer can be styled in a range of costumes to tie in with your theme and our award-winning make-up artists can decorate their faces to match.

We can even create bespoke costume and make-up looks to ensure your guests enjoy a highly original experience at an event that is truly unique.

If you want to wow your guests with some unexpected entertainment that will leave them smiling, our magnificent cyr-wheel artists are just what you need. Show your audience how exciting event entertainment can be with a stunning cyr-wheel performance they’ll always remember.

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