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Contact Juggling Performers

An all-round crowd favourite, contact juggling never fails to impress. Our exceptional entertainers have continued to delight audiences of all ages for many years with this circus staple.

Our incredibly skilled contact-juggling performers use their unbelievable balancing skills to move multiple balls around their body in sync, without ever letting them drop or throwing them into the air. This improbable prop manipulation demonstrates immense control and dexterity, and mimics the power of magnetism as the balls behave as if they are stuck to the performers’ limbs until they will them to move.

Our contact-juggling maestros play with speed and sleight of hand, making the objects appear to float and glide in front of your eyes. Your entire audience will be intrigued, trying to figure out how the stunt is performed. The unique routines performed by our gifted contact jugglers often use coloured crystal balls in their routines. These add a sense of fantasy and magic that will leave your

Unlike traditional toss juggling, our contact-juggling shows feel fresh and modern, making them perfect for all types of events including festivals, parties and corporate dinners. Each contact juggler can entertain the crowd with a full-length stage performance but really comes into their own when roaming the crowd and wowing smaller groups with their imaginative take on a classic circus act.

As with all Beyond Repair Entertainment performers, our contact-juggling artists can be costumed and made up to complement any theme you have in mind for your event.

They can even be styled to bespoke requirements to match your venue, colour scheme or corporate branding. Our jugglers can also work with you to create a custom routine, incorporating your ideas and using their amazing agility to tell your story in the most creative way.

Your guests won’t expect to see a fantastic contact juggler at your next event. Give them a surprise they’ll love with a unique performer they wont be able to stop talking about.

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Our contact jugglers are perfect for perfect for festivals, parties and corporate dinners! Drop us a line to find out how.