If you’re looking for something unique to surprise and delight your crowd, our amazing bubbleologist will not disappoint! A far cry from the stick-and-wand bubbles you’re used to from childhood, our talented bubbleologist uses just soap, water and magic to create shapes and designs you won’t believe.

From impossibly giant bubbles to the tiniest ones you’ve ever seen; from bubbles that never pop to jaw-dropping bubble tricks that defy the laws of physics, we can do it all. Our friendly bubbleologist will mingle with the crowd and can be booked as a singular, spectacular performer or as part of a wider production.

As with all our artists, our bubbleologist’s costume, make-up and props can match any theme. We can even develop your own ideas to create a completely bespoke routine.

If you come to Beyond Repair Entertainment for bubbleologist hire, we guarantee you’ll have guests of all ages enthralled. No matter what type of event you’ve got planned, let our mesmerising bubbleologist give your audience something they won’t ever expect.

Let's Talk About Bubbleologists!

Let our bubbleologists surprise and delight your crowd. Drop us a line to find out how.