Bowie & Beyond

Bowie & Beyond

This show is a groundbreaking celebration of an iconic music artist, delivered in high octane UV dance and acrobatics with a clever and unexpected reveal at the end. Dancers are decorated in a range of original looks that include flowers, sugar skulls and splashes of UV colour, representing all the different styles of David Bowie’s music; the edgy, the pop and the beauty.

The show includes a breathtaking ballet duet, this pas de deaux is accompanied by hidden performers in blackout that assist in creating gravity defying leans and falls for the duo.

The show then moves on to floating sugar skulls, with just their heads available to the audience as they stack, fold and bend in ways that make it difficult to tell if the heads have bodies at all – super fun and mind bending!

Then out come the splashes, popping, locking, spinning and flying. These abstract beauties come together at the end of the performance to create Ziggy Stardust’s face, one of David Bowie’s most famous looks. All performers frame this moment and it is a great opportunity for a picture! The soundtrack is a contemporary reworking of Let’s Dance, one of David Bowie’s most well known hits spun on its head a little.

This show is traditionally performed with eight dancers but can be increased to any size and include specialist acts if required; aerialists and hand-to-hand acrobats could be a great addition, but anything is possible. The wonderful thing about this show is that we can change the final image to anything, we can flip the soundtrack and make the show about another artist, creating original costumes to fit the brief.

It can also work for a logo reveal, as UV dance is a truly original way to unveil an image.

Why not also include an artist bar or roaming brusherettes? These can be David Bowie themed, giving your guests a unique experience and making them feel part of the show. The audience can be painted with a Ziggy Stardust (or any selected theme) glitter and UV eye design make-up so when the show lights come up the audience glows – a truly memorable moment.

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