There’s nothing more impressive than watching people achieve feats that seem impossible. Our fabulous acrobatic performers push the boundaries of what the human body can do, in ways you and your audience won’t believe!

Combining flexibility, strength and gymnastic abilities inconceivable to us mere mortals, our acrobatic performer artists and give athleticism a spectacular flair at every event! They’ll keep your guests captivated with their incredible talents and enthral them with their gravity-defying balancing skills.

All our acrobatic events can slot seamlessly into a larger themed performance, but work equally well as a stand-alone attraction to delight and mesmerise your guests.

You won’t find more exciting acrobatic performers for hire anywhere in the UK. They’re usually booked alongside a variety of traditional and contemporary circus performers for an event that celebrates all the magical wonder of a night under the big top.

You can opt for vintage gentleman strongmen, with or without their unicycles, who will wow your guests with surprising feats and fantastic tricks. They can perform on stage or roam through the crowd, putting on impromptu performances for smaller groups in the audience. We also have several amazing hand-to-hand acrobats with insane cirque skills and dazzling golden acrobats dressed in feathers, gems and glitter if your event requires a touch of luxury.


All of our acrobatic performers can be costumed and made up to match the theme of your event. As many of our acrobats are multi-skilled, they can highlight a selection of different capabilities in their repertoire as either one standout performance or a series of separate, shorter pieces to showcase each skill.

Perfect for private and corporate events alike, acrobatic performers are great for more than just traditional shows. They can welcome guests at the entrance to your venue or work their skills into your gifting routine to make the end of your event more fun, imaginative and memorable.

If you’re looking for an unconventional entertainment option, you won’t be disappointed by the variety of acrobatic events you can choose from Beyond Repair Entertainment!

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